LSL Team


Prof. Kannan Krishnan, Ph.D.

(Prof. Krishnan’s research page)

Kannan M. Krishnan graduated from IIT, Kanpur (B. Tech, Mech. Eng. 1978) and UC, Berkeley (Ph.D., Materials Science, 1984). He then held various scientific and teaching positions at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and UC, Berkeley, before joining the University of Washington, in 2001, as the Campbell Chair Professor of Materials Science and Adjunct Professor of Physics. Prof. Krishnan is a leading scholar in the field of Bioengineering at the intersection of Magnetism, Materials and Medicine and is widely recognized for research, teaching, mentoring and entrepreneurship. For his scholarship, he has received numerous awards from professional societies of engineering [IEEE Donald G. Fink Prize (2012), IEEE Magnetics Society Distinguished Lecturer Award (2009), Fellow IEEE (2013)], and science [Fellow -- American Association for the Advancement of Science (2004), Fellow -- American Physical Society (2009), Fellow -- Institute of Physics, London (2005), Burton Medal --Microscopy Society of America, (1992), Japan society for the Promotion of Science Senior Scientist Fellowship (2002)]. At LodeSpin, Prof Krishnan oversees development of tailored magnetic carriers for a range of biomedical applications.

Matthew Ferguson, Ph.D.

Dr. Ferguson received his Ph.D. in Materials Science from the University of Washington in 2011. In his doctoral work, which was supervised by Prof. Krishnan, Dr. Ferguson studied MPI tracers, their magnetism, preparation, and their role in MPI detection physics. Dr. Ferguson is excited by translational research and commercialization, and during his Ph.D. studies, he completed a certificate program in Technology Entrepreneurship from the UW Foster School of Business. He is currently focusing exclusively on developing LSL’s USPIO products.

Amit Khandhar, Ph.D.

Dr. Khandhar received his Ph.D. in Materials Science from the University of Washington in 2013. His thesis focused on the development of a biocompatible and well-characterized USPIO platform that is tailored for novel diagnostic [Magnetic Particle Imaging, Magnetic Resonance Imaging] and therapeutic [Magnetic Fluid Hyperthermia] applications. Amit is one of the founding partners of Lodespin Labs and focuses on demonstrating the translational and commercial value of USPIOs.

Scott Kemp, Ph.D.

Dr. Kemp joined LodeSpin Labs in 2013 bringing medicinal chemistry, drug discovery and preclinical development experience to the development team.  Dr. Kemp received a B.S. in Chemistry from Washington State University in 1991 and a Ph.D. in Chemistry from University of California at Berkeley in 1995.  His doctoral studies included natural product synthesis with Professor Clayton H. Heathcock and developing novel organic transformations with Professor Steven F. Pedersen.  He was a NIH Post-Doctoral fellow from 1996 to 1997 at Oregon State University.  In 1998, Dr. Kemp joined Corvas International, where he worked on the development of serine protease inhibitors and protease activated cancer therapy.  Dr. Kemp is co-inventor on 6 issued US patents and 16 patent applications and an author of 6 peer reviewed publications.  Dr. Kemp has been responsible for the development of several preclinical candidates, including the drug boceprevir, a first-in-class Hepatitis C NS3 inhibitor approved by the FDA in 2011.


From it’s inception, LSL has received outstanding support from the Center for Commercialization (C4C) at the UW, where Mike Clarke has been our technology manager and honorary “fourth founder.”

Founding team (above right)